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Second Post on "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu AKA Dragon Studies" released at Lunmu.io

Second Post on "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu AKA Dragon Studies" released at Lunmu.io

Hi everyone,
Wanted to let you all know, the second post for my new project, Lunmu・龍夢 (Dragon's Dream), has been released:

"龍學基礎第二部: 愛天新地電人・Basics of Lunxu No.2: Connecting the New Earth and Metaverse Through the Cyborg"

Below is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy!


We created our project, Lunmu, because we believe the 龍學・Lunxu AKA Dragon Knowledge that our ancestors left behind for us in various forms, including ancient monuments and direct psychic transmissions recorded into the collective unconscious, are of critical importance to our survival through times of converging ecological collapse and technological Singularity.

In fact, we have come to learn that, the inner secrets of Lunxu, stealthily preserved by the world's esoteric traditions, reveal we are currently in a prophesied time of crisis and transformation.

In this second instalment of our introductory series, we would like to shed light on the war between Earth and Metaverse that our ancient Lunwu ancestors have been preparing us for, and share the foundational principles of Lunxu they transmitted to humanity, in order to help us make it through the trials and tribulations of this era.

Tama vs. Pixel (象素)

According to Chinese creation mythology, the current world we live in said to have been birthed through the marriage between two sole survivors of a Great Flood: the primordial Dragon siblings of Fuxi and Nuwa. Their most ancient depictions from over twelve hundred years ago commonly show them holding the drafting tools of a square and compass.

"Fuxi and Nüwa". Painting on silk. 3-8th century. Discovered at The Astana Cemetery, Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Similarly, medieval illustrations of Rebis, an entity within Western esotericism who represents alchemical completion, show them holding a square and compass while standing on top of a Dragon.

"Rebis" by Heinrich Nolliu artist, 1617.

This shows to us that the compass and square are symbols that trace back to lost ancient Dragon cultures. They reveal a principle secret of Lunxu: that the duality of Circles and Squares is foundational to the structure of our cosmos.


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