About me

I'm Tada or Tadaaki Hozumi (穂積 理彰) AKA Aleister Kondo. Thank you for this encounter. It's an honor to meet you this way.

In describing my work, I find that it is best to start with speaking about who my ancestors are as I consider myself, first and foremost, a hereditary steward of my lineage.

The Hozumi clan

The Hozumis and our ancestral relatives are the world's longest documented unbroken lineage of shamans that has survived over 2000 years from ancient Japan to the present day. Even now, there remain shrines and temples that we have retained the hereditary custodianship of, since they were first established by our ancestors, hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

Our ancestral Kami is Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto (饒速日命), a grandson of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Oomikami (天照大御神), who is said to have come to ancient Japan in the 7th century BCE on the Ama-no-Iwafune (天野岩舟), or 'The Heavenly Rock Ship', bringing down with him the Tokusa-no-Kandakara (十種神宝), the Ten Divine Treasures that the Dragon Lord transformed itself into. By marrying an indigenous princess/goddess, he is understood to have become the first Heavenly imperial ruler of a new settler-indigenous mixed federation that preceded the current Japanese state.

Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto - Artist Unknown
The Ten Divine Treasures

There are many mysteries and debates about who his wife was. Ancient historical texts compiled by the Japanese government say that he married Tomiyahime (登美夜毘売), the sister of the indigenous tribal leader, Nagasunehiko (長髄彦). Yet, the most common current theory in Japanese spiritual communities is that he is the husband of Seoritsuhime (瀬織津姫), a mysterious dragon goddess of waterfalls and rivers, who only appears in the Oharae-no-kotoba (大祓詞), the pinnacle purification prayer in the Shinto tradition. This is also my view, that Seoritsuhime and Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto together emanate a tantric spiritual union that birthed the heart of Japanese folk animism syncretized hunter-gather and agrarian societies.

Of course, the truth will never be known, especially because it is unsure if Kami were real people, channeled entities, or even alien beings from other dimensions. My present understanding is that this can all be true at once.

The plaque from Kono-Shrine (籠神社) depicts Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto and Ichikishimahime (市杵島姫), who is said to also be an emanation of Seoritsuhime, descending from Heaven with the Ten Divine Treasures

Lore says that when Ninigi-no-Mikoto (瓊瓊杵尊), also a grandson of Amaterasu, later arrived in ancient Japan, Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto decided to peacefully cede the power of his rule to Ninigi-no-Mikoto who had a more aggressive imperial objective. This act of kuni-yuzuri (国譲り / mythical land transfer) was understood to be the rite that established the current imperial throne of Japan, as a descendant of Ninigi-no-Mikoto would go on to become the first emperor Jimmu (神武天皇). In fact, the name for the ancient Japanese state, Yamato (大和), which means 'Great Harmony', is said to be at least in part a memorialization of this agreement.

Under the new imperial rule of Ninigi-no-Mikoto's lineage, my ancestors, the descendants of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto were absorbed into the central court to serve as priests because of their elite shamanic powers. From there, my ancestors would go on to become hereditary priests of various shrines and temples as well as experts of Japanese esoteric arts such as Onmyodo (陰陽道), the Yin-Yang Way, as well as Shugendo (修験道), and ninjutsu (忍術), which also derive from Onmyodo.

Haku, or Nigihayami-no-Kohakunushi, whose character was created as a descendant of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto is outfitted like an Onmyodo practitioner
In modern Japanese new age or spiritual communities it is commonly said Haku and Sen are emanations of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto and Seoritsuhime

During the feudal era of the 15th century, a branch of our family, led by Suzuki Magoichi (鈴木孫一), transitioned from priests to become hereditary leaders of an infamous Buddhist ninja band, the Saika renegades (雑賀党) that innovated the use of firearms as well as carrying on the ninja tradition of magick. From there, the Saika-Suzuki branch of the Hozumi clan developed into a clan of scholars, priests, and samurai, many of whom served as vassals of the Aizu (会津) domain, a Northern rural region of Japan where my most recent family comes from.

Suzuki Magoichi by Yoshiiku

The Aizu domain itself has been known to have a rich history and tradition, including being the spiritual birthplace of Aikido, which is said to have originated from its secret ‘inside-the-castle’ arts (殿中技). Modern scholarship into the roots of Aiki is revealing that this is likely to have been a set of somatic arts that included sex magick and martial arts that developed out of Shugendo and other esoteric practices.

Saigo Tanomo, former elder vassal of the Aizu Domain, who became a Priest after the Boshin wars, would go on to become the spiritual mentor of Sokaku Takeda, founder of Daito-ryu Aiki-jiujitsu and teacher of Aikido founder of Morihei Ueshiba. 

As a 1st generation immigrant child who grew up in Toronto Canada, I would often go back to Aizu in the summers and be amazed at what felt like a mystical land, where an abundance of grasshoppers and crickets would jump from underneath every time you took a step in a field.

Not to be outdone by the insects, Kami and Buddhas were everywhere too, with 33 Kannon (観音) maintained as pilgrimage sites in Aizu Wakamatsu (会津若松), a city of fewer than 150,000 people, including one enshrined, along with a wrathful Buddhist diety, Fudo Myoo (不動明王), or Acala, at the Takizawa Fudo Shrine (滝沢不動院), a sacred forest and waterfall site located only about 500m away from my matrilineal Grandparent’s house. The presence of Fudo Myoo indicates that this protected shrine site was likely a training ground for priests of Shugendo. I dream that my ancestors also trained there.

Takizawa Fudoo Kannon shrine

My work

My current work is dedicated to honoring the legacy of my ancestors on North American soil.

I am here to share, with those who are ready and interested, our 'family secrets': the frameworks and practices my ancestors used to develop the foundations of the Japanese spiritual system, which has been uniquely able to erotically alchemize imperial and tribal spiritual energies that it has allowed ancient Japanese traditions and their ritual sites to survive from antiquity.

The legacy of this ancient marriage can be seen in the fact that there are two broad categories of Kami enshrined around the country: the Amatsukami (天津神), the descendants of Heaven, who are understood to be the ancestral deities of imperial settlers from ancient China and Korea, and the Kunitsukami (国津神), the descendants of Earth, who are understood to be the ancestral deities of indigenous tribes of ancient Japan. This shows that the Japanese state did not just form from a series of colonial genocides but also through the tantric union of agrarian and hunter-gatherer societies, which birthed the primordial Japanese cultural DNA of Wa (和 / harmony) that remains foundational to Japanese cultural forms, from Sado (茶道 / tea ceremony) to Kendo (剣道 / way of the sword), as well as esoteric arts such as Onmyodo.

I understand this type of erotic syncretization of imperial and tribal cultures is not just unique to Japan but also to be a vast collective cultural legacy throughout East Asia, as symbolized in the Taiji symbol that combines Yang (Heaven) and Yin (Earth). All East Asian cultures have preserved lineages of early indigenous spiritual practices protected by the very imperialist cultural structures they were blended into over thousands of years.

Following, my understanding of the commonly used phrase from East Asian nondual somatics traditions of Ten-chi-jin (天地人), that is "connecting Heaven and Earth through the human", refers to not just speaking to an internal state of connecting the lower and upper poles of the body through its center, but also to a collective alchemy process that harmonizes the energies of settler and indigenous lineages through the transmutation of ancestral traumas. This is why in East Asian cultures, including Japan, the arts of fighting and the arts of healing, including sex magick, are taught as one to this day, revolving around the concept of Aiki (合気), which means the fusing of energy.

My wish in sharing some of my ancestors' ways, is that I am able to help and guide those who are aware of the enormous collective metabolization of our ancestral traumas that is currently underway, the stresses of which are showing up as deep political polarization amidst looming environmental crisis, economic collapse, and singularity, find and survive their path through.

The truth of our age is that there is a newly emerging polarity of Heaven and Earth that I believe is starting to get away from us because we are unaware of the spirit negotiations that are taking place in the background of our political conversations about race, gender, and other issues. This is the 'war' unfolding between the new Heaven of the URL realm and the old Earth of the IRL realm, through the cyborgification of our species.

In 1989, CERN, home of the world's largest particle collider became the birthplace of the world wide web
Tim Berners-Lee created a computer network protocol to crunch the massive data output of the particle collider

Many of us are starting to see that accelerating political polarization driven by the dysregulating effects of online algorithmic forces, represented by the rise of alt-right, cancellation-based social justice, and Qanon, is starting to tear apart our individual psyches and the collective sanity of real-life communities. We need to start taking this seriously, especially as technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality continue to grow geometrically and further our engrossment in online environments.

I am clearly seeing that all online violence eventually ends up in real-life communities. That is to say, we are in a critical time in which we need to grapple with the reality of massive changes to our way of life and deeply consider the legacy we will leave behind for our descendants, both in terms of online social network algorithms and emerging collective organizing models for real-life communities.

Following, I believe for our era, "connecting Heaven and Earth through the Human", necessarily includes the blending of online and on-land spirits through the development of a new decentralized open-source spirituality. We need to build new religions that are transparently built from the ground up through alchemical processes, imbued with a deep sense of gratitude, respect, and humility, that recombine the essential elements of humanity's ancestral wisdom traditions into forms that match our present-day spiritual needs.

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I am also available for consultations that are intended to support others through the initiatory process that the 21st century has brought upon our collective.

Thank you for reading! May the great Dragon God that birthed the realms bless you.

(Artist Unknown)