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First Post on "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu AKA Dragon Studies" released at Lunmu.io

First Post on "The Basics of 龍學・Lunxu AKA Dragon Studies" released at Lunmu.io
"Glastonbury Tor" by Lunmu

Hi everyone,
Wanted to let you all know, the first post for my new project, Lunmu・龍夢 (Dragon's Dream), has been released:

"龍學基礎第一部: 天地龍夢・Basics of Lunxu AKA Dragon Studies No.1: Heaven and Earth is a Dragon's Dream"

Below is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy!

[T]here was a science of the Dragon that was at the root of all systems of initiation
- Paul Broadhurst "The Green Man and Dragon"

Introducing 龍學・Lunxu (Dragon Studies)

Humanity is currently facing a transformational apex pressurized by a combination of looming climate crisis, socio-economic collapse, global war, and singularity.

We created this project, Lunmu, because we have come to believe that there has never been a more important time for humanity to remember the lost Dragon knowledge of our ancient ancestors.

In this introductory series, we would like to share with you, what we believe is our best effort to compile the basic foundations of 龍學・Lunxu (Dragon Studies) in a form that is easy to share and understand.

We consider this information we have compiled and distilled to have been gifted to us from our ancestors - both Rein Lo and I  respectively originate from shamanic lineages of Taiwan and Japan - through a variety of means, including psychedelic journeys, meditations, sacred site visits, meetings with elders and senior spiritualists, and texts by other esotericists.

Particularly, a lot of information has been scoured by me from blogs and vlogs written and recorded in the Japanese language. The piecemeal nature and linguistic inaccessibility of these sources make it often difficult and impractical to reference. For this reason, I would like to preface this article with gratitude to the Japanese esotericist community as a whole for the insight and knowledge they generously share.

With all this said: welcome to the basics of Lunxu, by Lunmu.

What are Dragons?

"Dragon" by Kazuhisa Kusaba

In Japanese, Dragons are referred to as 龍・ryu.

Ryu can also mean flow (流) and particle (粒).

This is an acknowledgement that Dragons are the principle kinetic energy of The Cosmos.

The spiral undulations of Dragons through Time and Space are understood to bring all aspects of our world into existence.


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