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Reports from pilgrimages to Makata Shrine and Koso Kotai Jingu

Reports from pilgrimages to Makata Shrine and Koso Kotai Jingu
Torii gates at 皇祖皇大神宮・Koso Kotai Jingu

In the last month, I and my wife Rein have had the blessed opportunity to visit two sacred sites that are very important to Japanese occultists.

麻賀多神社・Makata Shrine

Our first trip was to Makata Shrine, an ancient sacred site in 成田市・Narita City that is told to be over 1700 years old.

天之日津久神社・Amenohitsuku Shrine at 麻賀多神社・Makata Shrine

Makata Shrine is widely known for being the historical place where, during World War 2, Shinto priest, artist and follower of the 大本教・Oomoto esoteric Shinto sect, 岡本天明・Tenmei Okamoto began channeling the 日月神示・Hitsuki Shinji, or Sun Moon Revelations, a prophetic document that many Japanese spiritualists believe tells us a lot about what is happening in the world right now.

The story of the Hitsuki Shinji goes as follows.

On April 18, 1944, towards the end of the war, there was a Chinese divination ritual conducted in Tokyo regarding the fate of the war and the ancient history of Japan. The attendees included Shinto scripture scholars and Japanese military members, as well as Tenmei, who helped administer the rite as a priest. During this rite, an unknown Kami named "Ama no Hitsuku no Kami" was called upon.

A few months later, on June 10, 1944, Tenmei, through a string of coincidences visited Makata Shrine and fatefully stumbled upon one of its sub-shrines: 天之日津久神社・Amenohitsuku Shrine. Immediately after this encounter, while resting at the shrine office, a sharp pain began to run down Tenmei's right arm compelling him to begin channeling, via automatic writing, a scripture written in a cipher of symbols, numbers, and chinese characters.

Tenmei's intermittent impulse to engage in automatic writing lasted for 17 years, from 1944 to 1961, resulting in the document now known as the Hitsuki Shinji, spanning 39 main volumes and 13 secret volumes that have been hidden at Tenmei's instruction. Tenmei himself did not understand what he was writing down through the lengthy channelling process. Decoding and interpreting the Hitsuki Shinji has required a team of scholars.

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皇祖皇大神宮・Koso Kotai Jingu

Our next pilgrimage was Koso Kotai Jingu in Isohara City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Cave at Koso Kotai Jingu

Sharing our experience and research about this shrine begins to get at the heart of what we have been exploring behind the scenes.

Koso Kotai Jingu is the home of the infamous 竹内文書・Takenouchi Documents, an ancient record that is said to contain the secret history of Japan, humanity, and the universe kept hidden and preserved by the Takeuchi family, a clan of scribes for the Japanese emperor, beginning with 竹内宿禰・Takenouchi-no-Sukune in the 1st century CE.

The existence of the Takenouchi Documents was first publicly released in the modern age in 1910 by 竹内​巨麿・Kiyomaro Takeuchi, an esoteric Shinto priest who had received secret documents from his grandfather in his youth with the instructions to "share its contents with the world when it is at peace".

With the public sharing of a small select parts of these documents, Kiyomaro created his own esoteric Shinto sect, 天津教・Amatsu Kyo, and established Koso Kotai Jingu as its headquarters.

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Hope you enjoy!