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I saw Mount Fuji in real life for the first time!

I saw Mount Fuji in real life for the first time!

On 3/13/2024, I and my wife Rein had the opportunity of pilgrimaging to 不二阿祖山太神宮・Fuji Asoyama Daijingu located at the foot of Mount Fuji.

The occasion was to celebrate Rein successfully receiving her 1 year spousal visa to Japan and to cleanse our relationship, both as a married couple and collaborative duo, in preparation for the coming year.

"Shrine office at 不二阿祖山太神宮・Fuji Asoyama Daijingu" by Lunmu

We felt that Fuji Asoyama Daijingu was just the right place for us to visit, as it was fabled amongst Japanese esotericists to be one of Japan's most mysterious shrines, known for its rich esoteric background and the mystical experiences it provides that are said to be very effective at arranging, blessing, and cleansing partnerships.

Living up to the hype, we found that the shrine had a very powerful Dragon energy and we saw many Dragons, both physical and energetic, on its grounds.

On this trip, I finally got to see Mount Fuji with my own eyes for the first time. It was a profound experience for me, as a Japanese person who had lived in the diaspora for my whole life and has come back home.

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