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龍夢・Lunmu has finally landed in Kyoto!

龍夢・Lunmu has finally landed in Kyoto!
Sakura Dragon Lord (桜龍王・Lunwo) by Lunmu

Hello everyone,
It's my pleasure and honor to announce that I and my wife and collaborator, Rein Lo, have finally landed in Kyoto, just in time for the blooming of 桜・Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom!

To celebrate, we have released a new post on the ancient and secret connection between Buddhism, Christianity and Sakura, which illuminates the hidden truths of the Silk Road that the founding of the city of Kyoto is a very important of. To read the full article click here.

I meant to post this article sooner to my personal website, during the full bloom of the Sakura, but I have been very busy with many friends visiting and finding a new place to live so here it is now. If you would like more prompt updates from me, please subscribe to Lunmu as most of my new releases will happen there.

Thank you,