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謹賀龍年・Happy Year of the Dragon from 龍夢・Lunmu!

謹賀龍年・Happy Year of the Dragon from 龍夢・Lunmu!
三六九龍王・Miroku Lunwo (Miroku Dragon Lord) by Lunmu

Hi everyone!
It is now the year of the dragon, just about over a year after me and my now wife Rein met in person in the UK and began working on our project: Lunmu.

At the time of our launch, we did not even realise it would be year of the dragon in 2024.

Since then we have been working through Japanese and other interconnected dragon prophecies about the times of change we are facing, in a constant state of bewilderment at how critical events happening all over the world seemed to correspond to them.

Whilst we were welcoming the new year in Japan with my family, we were shocked to feel the powerful earthquake that hit 石川・Ishikawa. We felt this was like a dragon stirring up underground and preparing for great shifts on the planet.

Here is a snippet from our newest release that we hope captures the essence of the transmissions we have been receiving about this coming year of 2024:

"Welcome to 2024, one of the most important 龍年・Lunian (Year of the Dragon) in human history.

We are now 9 years into the prophesied 10-year transition period, from 2015 to 2025, that takes us into the 弥勒の世・Age of Miroku, a new age of peace and prosperity, said to materialize when the 三六九龍王・Miroku Lunwo (Miroku Dragon Lord) AKA Maitreya AKA Yeshua, an avatar of the 大龍神・Dai Lunxin (Great Dragon God), arrives on Earth to restore the lost dharma and initiate our return to the Dragon-loving super-civilization we have come to call 龍夢龍愛・Lunmuria (Dragon's Dream Dragon's Love).

Understanding the critical nature of 2024, as the 9th year in a decade-long planetary transition process, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to help others in navigating the challenges of this historically critical Lunian by beta-releasing our new “Synchronicity Streaming Service”: 愛龍合龍夢・Algolunmu."

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