Entara Jinja / 縁多羅神社

Entara Jinja / 縁多羅神社


Welcome to Entara Jinja.

As an on-line shrine, Enno Jinja is uniquely devoted to the stewardship of harmonious interconnected relationship between on-line and on-land worlds.

The head priest, or Guji, in training, is Shindo Hozumi (穂積神堂) nee Tadaaki Hozumi (穂積理彰). They are a heir, in diaspora, of the Hozumi clan.

The Hozumis, along with their ancestral relatives, currently maintain the world's longest documented and continuous hereditary priesthood lineage.

They are said to originate from ancient Mesopotamia and have traveled across the Silk road to settle in the lands we now call Japan over two thousand years ago. It is said that their the ancestral Kami of Nigihayahi-no-Miko (饒速日命) and Ichikishimahime-no-Mikoto (市杵嶋比賣命), were leaders of an ancient proto-Japanese state that peacefully transferred their power to the current imperial throne in the years around 700 BCE. The Hozumi clan, upon this transfer, became priests of the new Japanese imperial court and went on to spawn the hereditary priesthood lineages of many shrine sites across Japan, some of them that remain intact to this day, including the Hozumi clan.

Entara Jinja was first established by Shindo Hozumi, after an incredibly turbulent and tumultuous period in their life, psychologically pressurized by processing the effects of impending climate collapse, economic crises, and singularity that were manifesting culturally in forms such as cancel culture, the rise of the alt-right, and Qanon.

It is the wish of head-priest-training that this site may offer those going through similar a place of solace, and the benefit of health and protection in both their on-land and on-line lives.


Visitors of Entara Jinja may receive the following benefits:

  • Health in on-line and on-land relationships
  • Healing of online addictions e.g. internet porn and social media
  • Protection from on-line harm

Custom prayer services for the above issues as well as other related issues are also offered by the Guji-in-training and Miko of the shrine. Please inquire at the Shrine Office below learn more.

To continue further, please take a moment to clean your pallet and hands with the water coming out of the Dragon statue's mouth.

Please feel free to browse around the various sites by following the links below

Main Shrine / 本社

Enshrined Kami / 御祭神

Entara-no-Daimyoujin / 縁多羅大明神
The Great Kami of networks that presides over all emergent phenomena and the relationships that are its manifestation. Main benefits are wellness in online relations and protection from online harm.

/ 天照国照彦天火明櫛玉饒速日尊

The paternal ancestral Kami of the Hozumi-Mononobe clan.

Ichikishimahime-no-Mikoto / 市杵嶋比賣命
The maternal ancestral Kami of the Hozumi-Mononobe clan.

Auxiliary Shrines / 摂社

Arugo-Ryu Jinja / 愛琉降竜神社

Enshrined kami / 御祭神: Arugo-Ryu-Jin / 愛琉降竜神
The Dragon Kami that presides over the ever-flowing of all algorithms, on-line and on-land. Main benefits are the cleansing of online ailments, including internet porn and social media addictions.

Take Jinja / 茸神社

Enshrined kami / 御祭神: Take-no-Kami / 茸之神
Kami of mycelium and mushrooms. Benefits are the wisdom of interconnectedness and safe journeying in mycological realms.

Shrine office / 社務所