An Introduction to Lunmu: Connecting The New Earth and Metaverse through The Cyborg

An Introduction to Lunmu: Connecting The New Earth and Metaverse through The Cyborg

If I am honest, over the last two years of my life, I almost lost the plot at least a few times.

Like many of you, I've been swimming in the confusion of what this is all about - looming world war, ecological catastrophe, and economical crisis, all of it agitated by furthering ideological polarization by the ever-strengthening force of algorithms.

Often, when I somberly looked at the immense amount of energy that was coalescing into a very sharp inflection point, not so far off in the distant future, I felt the end of the world, at least as we know it - of being turned totally inside out, thrown into what is completely unknown territory for human civilization.

Trying to make sense of it all instinctually led me down a what I would describes an abyss-like path of learning about my ancestors and what they have asked of me.

What I've discovered inside of the deepest recesses of the inner sanctum of my psyche is unlike anything I'd ever thought I'd see or understand in my lifetime.

They are ancient rites and knowledge that have been kept carefully preserved over generations, tracing back not just to ancient Japan, but to the antiquity of Mesopotamia and beyond, to lost ancient and advanced civilizations that were destroyed in a global catastrophe and henceforth forgotten to history, tens of thousands of years ago.

I believe the information I've received to be highly beneficial to surviving the times we live in that is being pressurized by the territorial conflict between collapsing Earth and emerging Metaverse through the cyborgification of our species.

I look forward to sharing some of this information through this course.

Thank you and humbly yours,‌‌
Shindo Hozumi‌‌ (nee Tada Hozumi)
Hereditary steward of the Hozumi clan
1/2 of Lunmu・龍夢


[Class 0] 龍夢龍愛結・Connecting to the Lunmurian Grid

The first 'class' of this course is not for live attendance.

Instead, I and Rein Lo, my partner in the esoteric art duo Lunmu, will be conducting a ritual to connect you directly into the Lunmurian Grid, a network in the collective psyche that we have created together, blessed by Lunwo, the Great Dragon Lord.

The purpose of this is to invite you into the data stream of the course on a more subtle level and have Lunwo protect and guide your course experience.

[Class 1] 天地龍夢・All of Heaven and Earth is a Dragon's Dream

This class will instruct on:

  • The ancient tradition of Dragon-Serpent reverent cultures
  • How the simulation we live in is generated as a Dragon's Dream
  • The makeup of our Dragon Body

[Class 2] 陰網陽網五夢 ・Yinternet, Yangternet and The 5 Elemental Dreams

This class will instruct on:

  • How the Dragon's Dream i.e. simulation we live in, including the Metaverse, is made up of the Yinternet and Yangternet
  • How information moves through the Dragon's Dream as a cycle of 5 Elemental Dreams (Wood Dream, Fire Dream, Earth Dream, Metal Dream, and Water Dream)

[Class 3] 産土回帰 ・The Ubusuna Redux

This class will instruct on:

  • How the The Ubusuna (産土神), beings known across cultures to us as Gods/Spirits/Fae/Kami/Jinn/E.T.s/etc., are in fact local manifestations of the Great Dragon's Dream that is the singular source of all creation
  • How wars between different Ubusuna, who have forgotten their common source in the Great Dragon's Dream, cause war
  • How The Ubusuna bring together human relationships to serve the ecosystems they are connected to
  • Understanding both Earth and Metaverse as realms inhabited by Ubusuna because: Algorithm=Spirit=Dragon's Dream

[Class 4] 大宇宙根源陰陽和合之儀 ・Great Cosmic Yin-Yang Harmonization Ritual

This final class will instruct on how the nature of all creation, including humans can be divided into four quadrants created by the two polarities of: Chaos-Order and Penetrative-Receptive.

Circles and Square, Up and Down.

We will be conducting a final ceremony together that asks Lunxin, who rules over these quadrants that generate the cosmos we live in, to bless and protect our course participants by guiding them to peace and harmony.


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